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The ZV/FQ-100

The ZV/FQ-100 SmokeMaker

  • Designed to meet the demands for non-toxic training, for both fire and military, as well as leak detection and air flow studies. This updated digital version includes a LCD menu system, to precisely set volume, duration and interval.
  • Competitive output comparison: 20,000 cfm

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The ZV/ZR44

The ZV/ZR44 SmokeMaker

Portable & Powerful: The ZV/ZR44.

  • FireFighter Training
  • PPV Training & Evaluation
  • Wind Tunnel Applications
  • Leak Testing
  • Exhaust Hood Testing
  • Ventilation Analysis
  • Competitive output comparison: 42,000 cfm

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The ZV/WIP1500

The ZV/WIP1500 SmokeMaker:
Waterproof & Wireless

  • Green power saver: 120 or 240 Volts
  • On-board DMX and Wireless
  • Suitable for wet environments
  • Competitive output comparison: 20,000 cfm

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The G3000

The G3000 SmokeMaker

  • Lots of smoke from a 115 Volt machine!
  • All digital controls are a pleasure to work with.
  • Continuous Output
  • Competitive output comparison: 40,000 cfm

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The ZV2600

The ZV2600 SmokeMaker

  • Gas Powered, no external power needed.
  • Dispense either petroleum or
    water-based smoke fluid.
  • Easy 12-volt starting system
  • Virtually no carbon monoxide.
  • All serviceable parts are
    exposed & visible for easy access.
  • Competitive output comparison: 30,000+ cfm

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The MDG MAX 5000

The MDG MAX Smoke Generators

  • Now available in more voltages: 115 / 208 / 240 VAC
  • Engineered for long life
  • Complete output control
  • Automatic Purging System (APS)
  • Neutral Fluid
  • Competitive output comparison: 53,000 cfm

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The ZV40,000

The ZV40,000 SmokeMaker

  • The ZV40,000 produces a non-toxic smoke effect, using a highly refined mineral oil-fluid. Its 20" ball-bearing wheels and knobby-pneumatic tires provide excellent mobility. Our two-stage heating system helps create a swelling-puffy smoke effect. Perfect for military and firefighter training applications.
  • Competitive output comparison: 40,000 cfm

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The Cloud 9

The Cloud 9 Smoker

Self cleaning, mineral oil based, smoke maker which produces huge amounts of pure white smoke, doesn't cause breathing discomfort, has superior hang time, and leaves no slippery residue. The Cloud 9 Smoker features the Automatic Clean Cycle (ACC), that kicks in every time the machine is used.

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The Smoke Giant 2

The SmokeGiant2TM

  • This machine is capable of projecting vast volumes of dense smoke or haze over a very large area. It is designed and constructed to withstand the heavy treatment associated with Emergency Services both in-doors and open-air environment.
  • Competitive output comparison: 176,500 cfm

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The TIFA Model 100E

The TIFA Model 100E Field-scale Smoke Machine

  • For blanketing field areas with dense heavy fog in a fraction of the time required by other equipment. Uses 55 gallons per hour of fluid.
  • Air-cooled, single cylinder 11 HP 4-cycle gasoline engine.


The ZV1200.P

The ZV1200.P

  • Its tremendous consumption of 120 gallons per hour makes it capable of blanketing mammoth areas with dense heavy smoke in a fraction of the time required by other equipment Now with three engine options, in gasoline or diesel.
  • Competitive output comparison: 760,000+ cfm

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The LeakBuster Pro

New! The LeakBuster™ Pro

  • A quantum leap in professional functional protection and pressurization for smoke machines.
  • Delivers pressure backed non-toxic carbon-monoxide-free fog for a large variety of projects, ranging from plumbing systems to all-weather training.
  • A high quality centrifugal blower creates up to 1.5" of static pressure and 120 CFM.
  • The cases ample height allows operation of the machine with fluid tank installed.
  • Works with many SmokeMakers: ZV/FQ-100, ZV/ZR44, G3000, ZV/WIP1500

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Zero Visibility(tm) Fluid

Zero VisibilityTM

Premium-Quality, Maximum-Density Smoke Fluid.

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Smoke Simulator System

Smoke Simulator System

  • Fits all SCBA's: Scott, Survivair, MSA, Interspiro, Draeger & ISI
  • Inserts and removes in seconds, lenses are reusable
  • Available in three IDLH conditions for variable training situations: Light, Medium and Heavy Smoke
  • Many training applications: Thermal imaging cameras, RIT/Large area search, Confined space training, High Rise buildings

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Smoke Ducting

How to Build an Active Smoke Ducting System

A smoke ducting system consists of one or more smoke machines, and some ducting, if it is an "active" system it also includes an air blower...

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